Exploring the link between Aspergillus and Chronic Fatigue in Teenagers

Kathie Veall

Mai 2011


Ladies and Gentlemen, today I would like to talk about a growing problem in our modern world – Mold in particular Aspergillus, its effect on the immune system and it’s role in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Aspergillus is the most common genus of mold in our environment.
We are all exposed to mold spores in the atmosphere, in food, in poorly ventilated houses, air conditioning units etc
Mycotoxins can be found on the mold spore and mold fragments, and therefore they can also be found on the substrate upon which the mold grows. Routes of entry can include ingestion, dermal exposure and inhalation.
Some mycotoxins cause immune system responses that vary considerably, depending on the individual, the duration of exposure, the frequency of exposure and the concentration of the exposure.
Chronic activation of the immune system by molds and mycotoxins, leads to chronic inflammation one of the biggest factors in Chronic Fatigue.
As well as inflammation Aspergillus damages the Macrophage system and inhibits T-cell activation compromising the immune system therefore immune response to viruses, bacteria and mycosis becomes ineffective
Add to the compromised immune system increased liver toxicity from exposure to molds and mycotoxins, the stressed liver begins to accumulate more and more toxins which are then deposited in other organs and tissues of the body.
The situation is now one of constant fatigue, sore throat, swollen glands, muscle and joint pain, headaches, unrefreshing sleep, alcohol intolerance, night sweats, memory and concentration problems, depression etc.

Case Study

I would now like to present to you a case study, of a 18 year old male student called Phillip. The tested stressors I found with Phillip I find time and time again in this age group amongst those who are struggling with Chronic Fatigue.
Phillip presented with a 2 year history of extreme fatigue, sore throats, swollen neck glands, apathy, skin problems particularly on his neck and depression.
Despite many hospital appointments, blood test’s, excision and biopsy of one of the swollen glands on his neck no diagnosis or reason for his condition had been discovered. He was now at the point of being prescribed anti depressants.
History revealed little of significance, up until 2 years previously he had been a fit active teenager, doing well at school with the promising outlook of a good university and a chosen career in the chemical industry.
At his first appointment his facial colour was grey, he hardly had the energy to answer my questions and had to lie down for most of the testing.

5 Element testing revealed:
Earth: Spleen, Organ Degeneration, Nervous System
Water: Kidneys, Lymph
Wood: Liver
Fire: Circulation, Triple warmer
Regulatory allergy and Hormonal allergy

Testing the internal environment revealed: Isopropylalcohol, Methylalcohol, Nitrosamine, Indol, Benzol, Benzypyrene, P24,Thiosamin.
The strongest test being Isopropylalcohol, Methylalcohol, Nitrosamine.

Positive testing of the mold and mycotoxins stresses were:
Aspergillus Niger, Aspergillus flavus, Aspergillus fumigatus, Aspergillus clavatus, Aspergillus vesicolor, Aspergillus oryzae and Mold mix 2.
Mycotoxins, Alfatoxin, Ochratoxin, Kojic acid, Sterigmatocystin and Patulin.
Aspergillus niger and fumigatus both tested on the spleen.

Because of his poor energetic state this was all we achieved on his first visit, a second appointment was scheduled for the following week. Surprisingly he phoned the following day wishing to bring this forward. It seems even the small amount of testing had offered him some relief from the constant fatigue.

Further testing revealed:
Epstein Barr, Cytomegalo virus, Retro virus, Adenovirus, Cocksackie B1, B5, Influencium, Influencium Toxicum.
Amoeba, Trypansoma rhodesiene and gambiense.
Electrosensitivity and Radioactivity
Oxalic acid , Phosphoric acid
PCB, Chlorine, Xylol

Therapy was commenced treating on tested amplifications, from the start all stresses other than the molds were able to be treated for 2 minutes, the molds and mycotoxins were treated initially as a allergy for 1 minute.
By the 4th appointment he was strong enough for the molds to be treated directly on his immune system.
The tested Aspergillus in one beaker the RES, CD-8 and CD14 ampoules in the attached beaker, we did this for 30 seconds followed by the mycotoxins in the same way. I continued to treat the aspergillus and mycotoxins in this way increasing the time of treatment on subsequent appointments.
An initial headache can occur quite quickly, particularly if the therapy was to long, but the outcome in every case of Chronic Fatigue that I have treated in this way has been astounding, the progress from this point is rapid, to use Phillips words, “he felt like his body could breathe again”.
The therapy in this case continued for a further 6 appointments at which point he was feeling and looking well with none of the symptoms he had initially presented with.
This has become the way I treat both, mycotoxins and some molds when they are stressors, particularly in cases of Chronic Fatigue but also in other disease pictures where the results have been just as astounding, with a host of symptoms disappearing often after just one treatment. The remaining therapy can now progress very rapidly.

Vitamin C

The source of mold was traced to the bathroom floor of the family home and an air conditioning unit in the holiday home.
During many discussions with Phillip we explored the role of Methylalcohol in his condition, especially in reference to his constant need for sleep. His theory was that the chemical formula of Methylalcohol is very similar to certain allopathic drugs used for insomnia.
I receive regular emails from Phillip updating me on his progress. He is now studying Chemistry at University and remains very well.

Finally a few connections I find regularly:
Gout and Ochratoxin A
Oxalic acid and Aspergillus Niger
Heart Palpitations and T-2 Toxin, Phomopsin, Aflatoxin
I-phones and Blackberrys left on the bedside table at night and one sided headaches particularly in teenagers– “instant miracle cure”.

Case Studies
Experiences with Frequency Therapy

I see a mix of people and the occasional animal with a variety of health problems.
I do see a very high number of youngsters in the age range 16 – 24 years, I also see a number of chronically ill and elderly people in there homes.
Today I would like to present to you some of my recent cases which demonstrate how we can with frequency therapy really improve the quality of peoples life's.

Female age 24 years

This young lady presented with a diagnosis of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, she was taking prescribed medication of Thyroxine, Metformin, Spironolactone and the contraceptive pill. A recent scan had revealed 8 cysts on her left ovary and 6 on her right ovary.
Case history revealed constant fatigue, weight gain, excess body hair, heavy and painful periods. She was also losing 10 days out of each month unable to function due to moods and extreme and aggressive behaviour.
Testing could only be undertaken after unblocking the effect of Thyroxine and Spirolactone, and revealed firstly a sensitive individual, who reacted with head pains and dizziness particularly on testing environmental toxins.

Tested Stressors
Eurytrema Pancreatium
Clonorchis sinensis and eggs
Enterobius vermicularis
Candida Robusta, Candida Albicans, Candida Crusi
Aspergillus mix
Asbestos, Toluol,
Chlorine, Methyl alcohol,
PCB, Lindane A and B, Insecticide mix
Epstein Barr, Coxsackie Virus B1 and B5

Therapy and Further Findings
Therapy commenced cautiously treating the stressors for 30 seconds on the specific amplification for which they tested, also using the required support programs for detoxification, in this case 482 (kidneys), 431 (liver), 970 toxin elimination.
Therapy continued initially on a weekly basis, as she stabilised, we were able to increase the length of treatment time without any negative effects. A wheat free and coca cola (toluol) free diet were adhered to rigidly.
After a month we were able to stop the Spirolactone, having convinced the prescribing doctor, it was no longer required, and that a 24 year old should not be passing copious amounts of urine daily!
From this point on she continued to improve although reporting a headache 3 days after therapy each time, when I have come across this before usually there has been an emotional issue as there was in this case.

In total 12 treatments were given before she felt well and able to take up a job opportunity in France as a snow boarding coach. She was able to completely stop all of the prescribed medication except for the contraceptive pill but continues to take herbal remedies as listed below.

Ölekomposit Gewürznelke
BioWave 21 with Detox and Reg. Sz. chip cards

Also one thing I would like to mention for those of you using a Bicom device I have found program 433 (Ai – 0.025 – 64 SW 20 sec, A 0.025 – 32 SW 5 secs) very effective when treating Enterobius.

I hear from her on a regular basis. She remains well, pain free unless she consumes wheat and will have a scan on her return to the UK

Male aged 58 years

Presented with a 32 year history of Manic Depression and more recently the development of psoriasis and some arthritic problems particularly in the hands.
Case history revealed that this gentleman had spent his entire life living and working within the farming environment, non smoker, ate a balanced sensible diet, consumed little alcohol, exercised when he felt well enough and had taken many anti depressants over the years, non of which had significantly improved his condition.
Testing revealed a huge cocktail of pesticides, particularly organo phosphates, which at a later appointment he actually admitted to sniffing whilst spraying “as he liked the smell” .

Tested Stressors
Pesticides: Malthion, Aldrin, Dichlorvos, Dieldrin, Fenvalerate, CKW, Lindane A and B, DDT, Parathion, 2-4-5-T, Endosulfan, Atrazin - all testing on his nervous system.
Ascaris and Ascaris eggs
Mercury, Cadmium, Nickel, Aluminium
Candida crusi, albicans, stellatoidea
Uric Acid
Pituitary chronic, Cortisone chronic, Neuro veg cerebral
Diesel, PCB, Xylol, Formaldehyde, Asbestos

Routes of elimination which needed support, were kidneys, lymph, liver and intestines.
Treatment of the stressors was then commenced on the tested amplification and time.
The patient started taking Bitterstern, Magnesium Malate, Vitamin B and D, Algas and Burbur.
At the second appointment 2 weeks later he reported feeling calmer although very tired. Testing revealed a stressed circulatory system due to toxin release. Supporting treatment remedied this. We were able to treat fortnightly constantly gaining improvements, although the arthritic joints only started to improve, when we managed to source some Fluoxetine (antidepressant) and remove all traces of this from his system.

I treated this gentleman fortnightly for 9 months slowly removing all of the pesticides from his system and reducing his parasitic, candida and toxin burdens. At which stage his mood highs and lows were stable, and friends and family were noticing a change.
Following a 6 month gap in treatment a requested check up revealed high Chlorine, traced to the housekeeper using bleach to clean cups. Once this was resolved he continued to progress and bores his friends constantly with talk of how soft and healthy his hair has become.

Maintenance Remedies are:
Vitamin B’S and D
Magnesium Malate

Male 46 years

This gentleman presented with a diagnosis of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Hospital treatment had consisted of surgery, followed by radiotherapy, the radiotherapy having caused one of his most distressing problems, as the exit point of the radiation was the lower left side of his skull, resulting in a perfect square of hair loss measuring 10cm x 10 cm. His consultant had said, this would not regrow, his other presenting symptoms were fatigue, joint pains, constipation and slow thought process.
This gentleman told me at the outset that he only wished for 4 appointments. This is something I do come across quite regularly, but in this case I must admit to being a little perplexed .

Tested Stressors
Geopathic Stress, Radiation stress and EMF’S
Blood Parasites 1, 4, 5 and 6.
Blood Parasite Toxin 1.
Clostridia botulinum, difficile, innocuum, tertium, cadaveris.
DNA at Lymph testing at 1.85
Epstein Barr virus, Retro Virus, Adenovirus
Uric Acid
Malonic acid
Benzol, Benzpyrene and Lard blocking Immune system
PCB, Nitrosamine, Ammonia, Chlorine, Toluol, Xylol
Insecticide mix
Mercury, Nickel

Therapy was a dilemma due to the 4 appointments the gentleman insisted upon. We started by clearing the radiation stresses and supporting his elimination ability.
Followed by treating all of the stressors on the tested amplification.
On the second appointment he reported renewed energy less joint pain and clearer thought process and was hopeful that we could regenerate the lost hair growth, this being the most important factor for him.
Treatment used - Algas, Koriander and Bears garlic x 10 drops in warm water, then using the filter organ test kit, treated the metals in his kidneys, lymph, blood, liver and intestines for 3 minutes on each organ, the amount of drops and time were tested.
On the third appointment everything was rechecked and retreated

A month passed before his 4th and final appointment, I was astounded to see that not only had he a full head of hair but that it was yet black..........I as many others it seems had also done had to ask whether he had dyed his hair. As this was not the case, I can only think that the one treatment with the metal drops was enough to release the nickel burden and allow his hair to regrow and darken.
He went away a happy man. I just hope that he continues to take the medication given and that his body continues to heal itself as he still had many stressors.


Male age 10 years

I was asked to see this child due to serious behavioural problems which had led to his school implementing “special measures”. unfortunately when this occurs it can affect choice of secondary school consigning the child to a future labelled as a “trouble maker”.

Testing revealed burdens:
House dust mite
Dog Allergen

After testing he began to open up about stomach pains, panic attacks and breathlessness.
All the strains were treated along with support treatment, his parents were asked to remove all cows milk from his diet.
The following week he attended with a mixed picture of some improvements, but still the severe stomach pains. When questioned closer, it would seem that the link between milk and “milk chocolate” and “milk shake” had not been understood by his parents. Once this was eliminated his stomach pains stopped. We continued to treat the stressors, after 6 weeks he was removed from special measures at school, at which point we reduced the appointments to monthly .

Walnut tincture
Co-enzyme Q10
Bio-wave 21 with Asthma chip card

I see this young man once a month he continues to make progress and will be starting at the secondary school of his choice in September.

Pain Therapy
I was asked to see a friend’s mother 72 yrs to try and help her avoid surgery on her spine. If the surgery went ahead, she would be having metal rods inserted to strengthen and straighten the scoliosis of her spine. She was taking a cocktail of pain killers daily which were not controlling the pain but were making her increasingly lethargic.
The aim of therapy was to get her pain free and motivated enabling her to exercise and rebuild the muscles in her back and lose weight therefore hopefully avoiding surgery.

Initially I saw her weekly treating her with:
7 x drops Algas
7 x drops Koriander
7 x drops Bärlauch
Metals – mercury, nickel, silver, gold, aluminium.
Filter organ : Kidneys, Lymph, Blood, Liver, Nervous System
Followed by Streptococcus pyogenes, streptococcus pneumonia, streptococcus haemolyticus

Gradually the periods between needing the treatment have increased as has her ability to exercise.
As she rebuilds the muscles in her back which looked like narrow bands on the original x-ray the pain will continue to lessen.
She is due to see the consultant again at the end of July by which time we are confident that she will have avoided surgery.

Also used
Biowave 21 using the Tens programs and the Weight loss chip card
Multi mineral and Vitamin supplement

Strange tests and outcomes
As I am sure we all have on occasions, at times I have to stop and wonder how to proceed or, in the instance of this first case, maybe how I should not have proceeded!
The case was a young lady with a history of fatigue testing revealed a number of stressors one of which was a very high test on Clostridium botulinum which I proceeded to treat, on her next appointment 2 weeks later she asked whether the therapy could have had anything to do with the fact that her newly injected Botox had disappeared......WHOOPS, apparently the week prior to her first treatment she had had £850 of facial work, proof, if one were needed, that frequency therapy works – symmetrically too!
Now my patient questionnaire asks this question.

The second strange case is of a 32 year old lady who had been through the entire health investigative system without a result, she presented to me breathless, massively bloated, joint pains and grey in colour. After 2 hours of testing and finding very little I knew I was missing something.....then I realised that in the space of the 2 hours she had easily consumed a litre of water, I still was not prepared for the answer she gave when I asked, how much water she drank in a day: 12 -14 litres!! I put water in the input test and she immediately became dizzy and breathless. We proceeded very gradually to treat on a 998 (allergy/addiction program), along with treating systemic candida and replacing the electrolytes, vitamins and minerals she was washing out of her system.
She is still having regular therapy and making good progress, the reason for this addiction seems to have been stopping smoking and replacing each cigarette with water.
Results from a 14 year old male asthmatic using BioWave 21 with Asthma chip card for 1 month – results recorded as an average each week from a peak flow meter and chart each figure on the axis representing 50 litres per minute. This patient had no other therapy although he was asked to refrain from consuming dairy products.

Results from a 23 year old asthmatic using a BioWave 21 and asthma chip card, also a smoker until the end of week 2, he was also asked to refrain from consuming dairy products but had no other therapy results, are taken from a weekly average from a peak flow meter and chart each figure on the axis represents 50 litres per minute.

Results of a 83 year old male with Bronchiecstasis and pleural plaques secondary to asbestos exposure after using BioWave 21 and asthma chip card for a month. This gentleman ‘s quality of life has improved beyond believe. Again he adhered strictly to a dairy free diet, he also had one Bicom treatment during the month. Each figure on the axis represents 50 litres per minute.

Thank you for listening. I hope my case studies have contained something of interest for you.


  • DermaVit
    • Zapper BioWave 21 GS
    • Chip cards: Detox, Reg. Sz., Weight loss
    • Test ampoule sets: Filter Organ, Toxic Elements, Parasites, Bacteria
    • Dermavital, Vitamins, Bitterstern, Bactoflor, Noni, Samento, Condura, Algas, Ezov, Burbur, Banderol, Koriander, Bärlauch, Co-enzyme Q10, Ölekomposit Gewürznelke
  • Regumed
    • Impulse generator
    • Bicom

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