Liver purification

according to Dr. Clark

Before you implement the liver purification, you should make sure that

  • You are no longer carrying any parasites in your body (parasite cure)
  • Your teeth are in order (otherwise the liver is once again severely burdened immediately after the purification procedure)
  • A kidney purification is effected (so that the excretory paths are free).

Suggested preliminary measure: the 2-weeks Cool-Liver-Cure

It is convenient to carry out the liver purification on the weekend, since you should strictly adhere to the times stated in the following schedule.

For this you'll need:

  • 4 Tablespoons of bitter salt
  • 125 ml of olive oil
  • 170 bis 190 ml of fresh juice of pink grapefruit
  • 4 bis 8 ornithine capsules
  • 1 plastic straw
  • 1 half-liter glass with lid

Preparation of the bitter salt:
Mix four tablespoons in 800 ml of water; this provides four portions of 200 ml each. Place the beverage in the refrigerator (for taste reasons).

Liver purification

Take a fatless breakfast and lunch, e.g. fruit and vegetables. Don't flavor.
2 p.m.:
Eat and drink nothing more.
6 p.m.:
Drink a portion (200 ml) of the cold salt solution. (You can add 1/8th of a teaspoon of vitamin C for taste improvement).
8 p.m.:
Drink another 200 ml of salt solution. Although you havent't eaten since 2 p.m., you will not feel hungry. Prepare yourself for going to sleep.
9:45 p.m.:
Pour 125 ml of olive oil into the the half-liter glass. Squeeze the grapefruit and add the juice. Remove the fruit pulp with a fork. You need at least 125 ml of juice; a bit more is better. You can top-off the juice mixture with lemon juice. Close the drinking vessel and shake it until the mixture has a watery appearance. This is only possible with fresh grapefruit. Now go to the toilet one more time.
10 p.m.:
Drink the prepared olive oil mixture. Take four ornithine capsules with the first mouthfuls so that you sleep through at night. You should have emptied the beverage within five minutes.
Afterwards, immediately lay down flat on your back with your head elevated. Try to lie as quietly as possible for at least twenty minutes, and try to sleep. This is very important for the success of the cure.
The next morning:
After waking up drink the third dose of bitter salt - but not before 6 a.m. If you feel nauseated, wait until this feeling subsides.
Two hours later:
Drink the fourth and last dose of the salt solution.
After two more hours you can eat a bit of fruit.
An hour later you can eat a light meal. You should feel normal again by the evening meal.

The following will happen:
You will probably have diarrhea in the morning. Check the stool in the toilet. Green stones are gallstones, not digestive residue. The stool sinks to the bottom, whereas the gallstones float to the top. You should excrete a total of ca. 2.000 stones, until the liver is so thorroughly purified that you are free of your symptoms (allergy, bursitis, back pain, etc.) for a long time. If necessary, implement the purification cure every two weeks.

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